From as long as I can remember, I always loved to draw. As soon as I had time to spare, my favorite hobby was to draw cartons and later on, portraits. I can still remember the feeling of accomplishment when for the first time, I was able to successfully finish a drawing of Super Mario carton. I was so happy, that I knew by then that I wanted to spend my life doing it. I was 10 years old. Years have passed and the desire to draw has turned into a passion and finally become a need. My psychic equilibrium is now dependent on this act of creating. Even though other priorities in my life sometimes prevent me from doing this hobby more often, my subconscious reminds me that I need to paint while I sleep. Indeed, I dream all the time and almost every night when I’m not painting. This art for me is much more than just a hobby, it’s like a muscle that is crucial to the proper functioning of my being.

Teresa Smith (aka Tareca)